We live and breath motion, movement and function.
Achieving patients performance goals and living a life without pain is our passion!

Each patient and each case is unique. The field of medicine is changing and we are rapidly seeing the formation of big corporation’s making it more and more difficult to find quality affordable care. Physical therapy is no different.

That’s why we staff our clinic with highly trained and experienced clinicians who continuously collaborate with researchers and physicians to establish cutting edge, individualized treatment plans.

From the moment you start therapy, you will feel comfortable with our staff and clinic. We work to schedule appointments with the same therapist to provide better continuity of care each visit. We believe the best comprehensive care is derived from the synergy between patient and clinician — A level of excellence and care, tailored to each individual in a friendly supportive environment.

Co-owner, Mark Baldwin, PT, CSCS has been practicing sports medicine in the Boston area for over 20 years.

Mark is regarded as an expert in the treatment of athletic hip injuries such as labral injuries, dysplasia, psoas dysfunction and post-operative hip arthroscopy. He speaks on this subject and is involved in research to help reduce these type of injuries in hockey players and performing artists. Other special interests include pediatric/ adolescent sports medicine, treatment of post-surgical shoulder and knee patients, working with performing artists, running injuries, managing injuries in the overhead athlete, manual therapy and patella-femoral pain.

Mark has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2001 and is active in the community working with local school teams and individual athletes teaching injury prevention and performance enhancement programs.

Mark’s specialties include: Athletic hip injuries, post- operative hip arthroscopy, Hip dysplasia, hip labral injuries, Sports Medicine, Upper extremity Injuries, Treatment of the overhead athlete- non-surgical and post-surgical, Treatment of performing artists, Treatment of postsurgical and sports related knee injuries, corrective exercise.

Mark Baldwin

Co-owner, James Sanderson DPT, PT graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

James has extensive experience treating a variety of orthopedic, post-surgical, overuse, traumatic and athletic injuries whether it be the weekend warrior to professional athletes. His expertise is in Post-operative ACL Reconstruction, Sports Medicine, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Concussion Management, and Post-operative total joint replacement surgeries.

James has worked in several private and hospital-based outpatient clinics, and uses the combination of manual techniques, therapeutic exercises and functional/sport training activities to help improve his patient’s knowledge to become more functional, ensure they are able to live a healthy lifestyle, and to educate with a goal of injury prevention.

James is also proud to be a part of Move Together, a non-profit company that works to bring quality rehabilitation medicine to undeserved communities across the country and the world, by volunteering in the administration and program development of the company. James serves as the Director of Impact, which helps improve each program Move Together organizes each year. He also has a special interest in their Clinic Development programs and continues to travel to Guatemala to help build physical therapy clinics. While in Guatemala, his work with the Move Together aims to improve education for local physical therapists to create a sustainable change for better access to quality care in this underserved community.

James Sanderson

Joe Adams, DPT, PT graduated from Northeastern University in 2018 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy

For the past 5 years, Joe has had experience treating a variety of orthopedic and sport injuries, as well as operative cases of the knee and shoulder. Surgeries that Joe enjoys treating include rotator cuff and shoulder labral repairs as well as ACL and MPFL reconstructions.

He has had past internships working in the strength and conditioning field with collegiate hockey, football and soccer players during their off-season training. Joe additionally observed several knee and hip joint surgeries during his inpatient clinical placement while also performing weekly rounds with physician assistants.

Joe played 4 years of club hockey at Sacred Heart University and also has experience coaching youth hockey. He continues to stay active by skiing and playing golf and ice hockey throughout the year. Joe focuses not only treating a patient’s symptoms but addressing all movement patterns to help them return to their activity and sport of choice.

Joe is passionate about treating an active population, and thinks one of the most important parts of rehab is assessing where a patient’s current abilities are, and making sure they are being adequately challenged at the first session.

Dave Barbato, PTA, CSCS, Certified Personal Trainer.

Dave graduated from Framingham State with a bachelor’s in business administration management in 2006. He then pursued his passion for physical therapy and graduated the North Shore Community College Physical Therapy Assistant Program in 2015.

Dave prides himself on attention to detail in regards to proper movement patterns, technique and muscular synergy. Dave ‘s manual specialties include: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), myofascial release, active release (ART) and trigger point release.

Dave has a background in powerlifting and enjoys using this knowledge to work with these types of patients. He has well over a decade of personal training experience and continues to train clients during the week. Dave’s goal is to give you the tools you need to correct your movement patterns in order to restore strength and function. It’s time to approach physical therapy smarter, so you can train harder!

Ashley Kelley, Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Therapy Tech

Ashley graduated in 2014 from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors in Kinesiology and then continued her education in physical therapy at North Shore Community College. She graduated the PTA program in 2020. Over the years, Ashley has treated a wide variety of patients in outpatient orthopedics including recreational, collegiate, semiprofessional athletes. 

Ashley was an athlete growing up and competed in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in high school ultimately competing at the collegiate level in lacrosse during he time at URI. Shortly after college, she became a varsity lacrosse coach and has since used both her coaching and athletic skills to provide high quality personal training to her clients. Ashley has a special interest in sport specific training and helped perform studies in the past focusing on plyometrics, and agility mixed with resistance band training. Ashley uses a wide variety of techniques that helps bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and athletes returning to sport, giving committed players a safe environment to train. 

Leigh Mancini, PTA, graduated from the Northshore College Physical Therapy Assistant Program.

Leigh’s specialties include the management of ankle joint dysfunctions and sprains, shoulder and knee instability as well as hip non-operative and post operative care. She has extensive experience working with athletes, including runners or recreational sport players. She draws her expertise and evidence-based knowledge from working as a certified personal trainer for over a decade in multiple settings before transitioning into the rehabilitation setting.

Leigh was an athlete herself and has competed in basketball, softball, and at the collegiate level in volleyball. Her experience as an athlete at the collegiate level has helped her provide high quality care to patients, both post-surgical and non-surgical, as well as high level athletes returning to sports. She primarily works in orthopedic sports medicine rehabilitation here at Athletic Edge Physical Therapy, but also previously worked in a variety of settings including acute and sub-acute rehabilitation and home care training.

Leigh’s love for being active herself, being a collegiate athlete, and these rehabilitation experiences have given her a great combination of knowledge in all stages of the healing process to work with diverse populations of patients with varying needs and injuries.

JT LaPusata DPT, PT, CSCS graduated from University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

JT received his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology in 2019 from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he then went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2022, finishing at the top of his class. Prior to that he became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and completed an internship at Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning in 2018.

Over the years, throughout his clinical rotations, JT has treated a wide variety of patients including, collegiate, semi-professional, and recreational athletes as well as general population of all ages. He has a special interest in treatment of sports injuries, both surgical and non-surgical; biomechanical dysfunctions, and acute & chronic pain of major joints. He utilizes a wide array of corrective exercises and manual techniques to return his patients to high activity levels safely and quickly.

JT strongly believes in high quality, individualized care with effective communication to get patients back to doing what they love. His career is driven by the quote “The person with their health has 1,000 wishes, the person without it only has 1”.

JT LaPusata